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Pomeranian Residence offers you two different options:

Option 1: Puppies born at Pomeranian Residence in the Netherlands:
We have our own litter of Pomeranian puppies several times a year. All our Pomeranians have a Pedigree and are 100% purebred Pomeranians. We are registered as breeders with the Dutch Kennel Club. Since we are registered as breeders, our own puppies receive a Dutch pedigree from the Dutch Kennel Club. Feel free to visit our page "Expected Pomeranian Litter" for more information about our own litter.

Option 2: Puppies exclusively available by reservation
The puppy is exclusively available by reservation (deposit). After reservation, the puppy will come directly to us - provided it is 15 weeks old - in the Netherlands. All our males are from reputable family breeders and come from good bloodlines. We have several years of experience and our own network of breeders in, among others, Russia. We have been working with the same breeders for several years. As a result, we have built up an extensive network with reliable relationships and can always bring the puppy to the Netherlands under the most favorable conditions.


A deposit is required to reserve a Pomeranian puppy. Unfortunately, puppies are not reserved without a deposit. If the puppy is from our own litter and born in the Netherlands, the puppy (if strong enough) may leave the litter from the age of 8 to 9 weeks. Any deposit for reservation will be recorded in a purchase agreement. After receiving the deposit, the puppy will be reserved for you immediately.

A puppy from one of our selected family Pomeranian breeders in Russia can be in the Netherlands at short notice, provided it is 15 weeks old, usually within about 14 days. You will receive a purchase agreement from us so that you have proof of payment/reservation.

After arriving in the Netherlands, the puppy must be quarantined with us for 2 days. We understand that you want to pick up the puppy immediately, but the puppy needs time to recover after the journey. Then there will be a medical examination by the Dutch veterinarian, during which the puppy will receive a written health certificate and will be registered in a legally required database for pets. After all mandatory checks have been carried out and approved, the puppy may be picked up by the new family from us.
Our puppies are delivered to you with:

- FCI pedigree
- Dutch European Pet Passport (including all vaccinations according to the puppy vaccination schedule)
- Confirmation of the legal registration of the puppy in the Netherlands (directly to your email)
- Microchipped
- Dewormed several times
- Preventively treated against fleas and ticks
- Medical check including written Health Certificate from Dutch veterinarian
- Puppy starter kit
- 12 MONTHS WARRANTY through 1 year of the highest pet insurance from PetSecur.

Delivery abroad also possible, please ask for the possibilities ! Ask for a Quote.........We are happy to serve you........